Friday October 5, 2018

The worst thing that happened Friday night: At a high school game in Mississippi, in the same town where two police officers had lost their lives in the line of duty this week, the visiting team’s band did the unthinkable. This is disgusting, shameful and unacceptable.

Graduate transfers: The NCAA’s Transfer Working Group has forwarded a proposal that could curb the flow of graduate transfers. Details here.

Vanderbilt: The Korn Ferry firm is being hired to run the search for a new athletic director, per Dan Wolken.

The top 20 teams in this statistic are a combined 79-13, and four of those losses came to other teams within the group

Lane Kiffin: You may think you know how Lane Kiffin’s coaching career started, but here’s the real, hilarious, story behind it.

McKendree University (D-II – IL): McKendree, located just outside of St. Louis, is looking to fill week 6 (10/12) for 2019. Open to FCS / DII teams for possible home/home or 1 year deals. Interested teams can e-mail HC Mike Babcock at [email protected] or call 618-537-6847.

Division II: The location of the Division II national championship gamehas finally been announced.

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