The Scoop – Thursday November 23, 2017

Thursday November 23, 2017

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving, a chance to pause and consider all we should be thankful for. God has blessed us all with so much. Share it freely…

Everything that’s on the line in college football this Rivalry Weekend

Former Central Washington head coach Tom Parry has died at the age of 94. Parry remains the winningest coach in Central Washington history; but is known more within the profession for his tremendous attitude and the example he set in the way he lived his life. Coach Parry is missed my many. Please keep he and his family in your prayers.

Florida State: Jimbo isn’t getting a new contract this year, but Florida State is still preparing to spend up to keep him.

FootballScoop Pick ‘Em: Rivalry Week

Michigan: Michigan is considering giving Jim Harbaugh a lifetime contract… according to Brady Quinn.

Variations of the PAP Glance Concept: The Glance concept continues to be an RPO fixture for 20 and 10 personnel outfits and for good reason. It’s an answer for any coverage and it gives offenses a chance to get a single receiver isolated and provide an easy throw for the QB. But the variations that WPI has built into the concept have made it even more lethal. In an exclusive clinic report with X&O Labs, Pass Game Coordinator Matt Kelly, details these variations that averaged 25.9 yards a completion and 14 yards per attempt with seven explosive plays of over 18 yards. X&O Labs will be releasing this report next Tuesday morning by sending an email to over 64,000 football coaches. To ensure you receive Coach Kelly’s report directly in your inbox, click here and enter your email address.

Head coaching changes: 2017-18 NFL & college head coaching changes


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