The Scoop – Saturday August 19, 2017

Saturday August 19, 2017

We hope you enjoyed following along, behind the scenes, as two D-III programs (Rhodes College & Lake Forest College) provided never before seen #DailyDose videos. Plenty more action coming this week…

Recapping the week:

— James Franklin reportedly has himself a new, six year deal that will pay him over $7M in the final season of the deal which averages nearly $6M over the life of the contract.

— Portland State head coach Bruce Barnum has received “significant economic sanctions” as a result of an inappropriate relationship with another employee of the athletic department.

— Art Briles’ attorney says he plans to coach next season.

— Cal AD Mike Williams will step down in May 2018.

— The 49ers have hired Katie Sowers as a full-time assistant coach.

We all continue to mourn the passing of Frank Broyles. Please keep he & his family in your prayers.

We read the book on the Baylor scandal. Here’s what we learned.

An FBS head coach gave his players a 4 day vacation in the middle of camp…and we like the idea (in these circumstances)

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