Dabo: “You’re not going to last very long if you’re making evaluations from a 7-on-7 tape”

In some areas of the country, the elite 7-on-7 circuit has become much more like AAU basketball than most football coaches would like. Still, some of the top skill players in the country compete in those elite 7-on-7 circuits, so of course coaches evaluate all...

Friday’s One Minute Warm Up

To get the blood pumping: Charles Barkley was a tough basketball player, but football was too much for him https://twitter.com/CoachDShack/status/1007259727645028355 Mike Bibby looks like an action figure now https://twitter.com/darrenrovell/status/1007491341247483904 Quote of the day https://twitter.com/CoachMotto/status/1007572187258281984 Side of Dr. Suess you probably didn't know about https://twitter.com/TheFactsBook/status/262347978617004034 Growing up in the midwest my entire life, I've...

Video of the Day – Same Goal. New Look at NC State

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xpq8Zkcr3ZQ&t=0s Video of the Day Friday June 15, 2018 Same Goal. New Look at NC State

Oklahoma State AD makes critical comments regarding Mike Gundy and his staff’s recruiting ability

Ask any coaching staff in the country if they're keeping track where their targets stand in the Rivals, 247, or ESPN recruiting rankings and you're bound to get a resounding "No" across the board. However, Oklahoma State athletic director Mike Holder sees things a bit...

Coach wins $50k lawsuit against parents who got him fired

Mark Storm had spent over 30 years coaching basketball, baseball, softball, and soccer at Honeoye Central (NY) until 2015 when a few parents of his players got together and wrote a letter to their school board claiming Storm was verbally abusive, had broken promises...

Thursday’s One Minute Warm Up

To get the blood pumping:  Saban cracking RPO jokes at the San Angelo Clinic https://twitter.com/max_olson/status/1006986132486262784 Purdue got their bowl bling https://twitter.com/BoilerFootball/status/1007240009802534912 Amen to this! https://twitter.com/ALTISEdu/status/1007036280675287040 Gotta be the largest MJ tat ever right? https://twitter.com/Howsito/status/1007230510437826560 Tours at Oregon are always fun https://twitter.com/OregonGridiron/status/1006584427995000833 This is very entertaining https://twitter.com/HaroldRKuntz3/status/1006752691714953216 The quote of the day https://twitter.com/CoachMotto/status/1007221124168585216

Video of the Day – Baylor Athletics Mission Trip to Puerto Rico

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNrr6F39yMo Video of the Day Thursday June 13, 2018 Baylor Athletics Mission trip to Puerto Rico

Kyle Shanahan was asked if defenses have figured out the zone read. His answer was perfect.

For 28 years (approximately speaking), opposing teams knew what they were getting when they faced the Utah Jazz. It was John Stockton, it was Karl Malone, and it was the pick and roll. Of course, just because the opposition knew what was coming didn't...

New redshirt rule has been passed by NCAA

A new rule regarding redshirts that a lot of college coaches were advocates for has passed by a vote from the Division I Council. Division I athletes who are designated redshirts can now participate in up to four games in a season without using a...