3 effective ways to deal with parents who “want to talk” about their kid’s playing time

It happens to every head coach, often multiple times in a season. For head coaches it starts with a call, email, or text from a parent "wanting to talk" about their child's playing time. It's not a situation that coaches look forward to dealing with, and...

Take a virtual tour through P.J. Fleck’s new house

P.J. Fleck has a new job. A new job means a new house. Thanks to CollegeFootballTalk, we have some visuals of that new house. Checking in at over 6,000 square feet with a half-dozen bedrooms, the suburban Minneapolis house is described as a "stunning European home."...

Geno Auriemma: Players with poor body language will not play for me. Ever.

I'm not exactly why these comments are making the rounds now considering the logo behind Geno Auriemma clearly indicates they were spoken at the 2016 Women's Final Four, but making the rounds they are. And their (lack of) timeliness doesn't make them any less...

Nick Rolovich showed up to Hawaii’s practice in a tux and top hat

Hawaii holds an annual Family Festivus event that is a great event that connects players and the staff with the community, and this year, head coach Nick Rolovich had something special up his sleeve for the event. Rolo rolled out to the event decked out in...

Monday’s One Minute Warm Up

To get the blood pumping: A single shot that goes through the hoop twice?!?!?!?! https://twitter.com/RedditCFB/status/843168023888384000 Wrestler celebrates a national title by slamming his coach to the mat https://twitter.com/smilderrr/status/843268982236942337 Great peek at South Carolina head basketball coach Frank Martin's humble journey from a Dairy Queen to Sweet 16 coach https://twitter.com/DanWetzel/status/843666968444096513 Bet there...

Video of the Day – Rutgers mic’s up their strength coaches for winter workouts

https://youtu.be/PPfUhcq7qEs Video of the Day Monday March 20, 2017 Rutgers mic's up their strength coaches for winter workouts

Mike Gundy…the rattlesnake wrangler?

As if Mike Gundy's mullet wasn't impressive enough, he's also decided to spend his off season doing some snake wrangling. Rattlesnake wrangling to be exact, accompanied by a few experts of the trade from the looks of it. That snake looks pissed. https://twitter.com/CoachGundy/status/842778267803422720  

Video: Some of Arkansas State’s off season program will look “wacky” to some coaches

The first 53 seconds of this video from Arkansas State on their off season work is highlighted by stuff you'd normally expect to see and hear as a football coach. But then something different pops on the screen at about the 54 second mark. It's not video...

Friday’s One Minute Warm Up

To get the blood pumping: This VCU dad is a great candidate for Dad of the Year https://twitter.com/MattNorlander/status/842549269244657664 This is rather embarrassing... https://twitter.com/SInow/status/842537933475381249 Coach Fitz was pretty jacked about Northwestern's win last night https://twitter.com/SBNationCFB/status/842517811423559681 Pete Carroll is enamored https://twitter.com/colecubelic/status/842469587656552450 Not cool... https://twitter.com/SBNation/status/842479663716950018 That's an interesting spread https://twitter.com/BrianHamiltonSI/status/842432196585619458 Uhhh...C'mon Gronk! https://twitter.com/GronkPartyBus/status/842416370071552002 The best from yesterday: http://footballscoop.com/news/study-hs-athletes-specializing-earlier-age-current-college-professional-athletes/ http://footballscoop.com/news/going-create-chaos-workout-chaos-comes-adversity/ http://footballscoop.com/news/thursdays-one-minute-warm-41-36/