Video: The sickest 15 seconds of your day

So, this is pretty awesome. Make sure you watch the entire thing.

Video of the Day – 2015 Arizona football ticket renewals

[youtube] Monday January 2, 2015 Video of the Day 2015 Arizona football ticket renewals

Video: Temple rips out its old lockers for new, and the players flip out

I have seen the Hollman Lockers warehouse first hand, and can attest to the quality and overall bad-assery (if that's not an Oxford dictionary-approved word, it should be) of their product. Whether you're buying for an FBS program or a Class A high school...

Video: A high school program may be home to the spring game moment of the year

North Haven HS (CT) provided a special "Jack Hoffman" moment for a seven year old fan named Anthony Longley during their "Spring Brawl" game. The first time you watch it, just try to enjoy it from beginning to end, but the second time, keep an...

Video of the Day – Vanderbilt spring practice close up

Vanderbilt schedule poster
[youtube] Tuesday February 17, 2015 Video of the Day Vanderbilt spring practice close up

Miami’s 5:30am workout: No lights, add strobe lights and a live DJ (video added)

Miami decided to spice things up in the weight room recently by turning off the lights, blaring some music with a DJ, and turning the weight room vibe into something that can only be described as very "Miami-esque"...all at 5:30 AM. Hey, Miami is...

Watch Frank Beamer take the ice bucket challenge like a champ

[youtube] Last month the Chillin for Charity challenge took social media by storm, calling out numerous coaches (the majority of which were basketball coaches), and athletic directors. The stunt not only brought an enormous amount of attention to the Kay Yow Cancer Fund,...

Video of the Day – Baylor’s bye week workout


Eleven topics Mike Leach touches during a QB meeting

Growing up as a kid in Wyoming, Mike Leach, like all other kids, really, played Cowboys and Indians. Except Leach always imagined himself on the side opposite the Cowboys. That anti-establishment viewpoint shaped the rest of Leach's life. It shapes the way he thinks,...