Urban Meyer shares “the new definition of leadership” from second half of his coaching career

It's hard to believe that Urban Meyer is quickly approaching his 20th season leading a college football program. It's a journey that started at Bowling Green for two seasons back in 2001, before going on to Utah for two years, and then Urban spent...

Video of the Day – NDSU holds first practice in Texas to prepare for FCS title game

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWrf8cxJ4fU Video of the Day Thursday January 3, 2017 NDSU holds first practice in Texas to prepare for FCS title game

Willie Fritz: You can create tough physical teams without tackling in practice, but it’s an art

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0qJqOhbCiY?start=587] Long before a lot of us ever touched a pigskin, Willie Fritz was coaching football. His coaching career began in 1982 as a student assistant at Pittsburg State, and that led to a number of high school and college positions before he landed...

Video of the Day – Finish the Fight

[vimeo 113023114 w=685 h=385] Finish The Fight from Georgia Football on Vimeo. Friday November 28, 2014 Video of the Day Finish the Fight

Nick Saban breaks down what “The Process” really is, and where his belief in it began

"The Process" has taken on a life of its own as Nick Saban's most popular phrase when talking to reporters. Anytime he's in front of the microphone, chances are good that it's those two words are going to come up. So how did The Process...

Jim Grobe to reportedly earn $1.25 million as Baylor interim head coach

Jim Grobe will earn $1.25 million for serving as Baylor's head coach for the 2016 season, Brett McMurphy of ESPN reported Monday. That salary places Grobe ahead of full-time coaches Matt Campbell (Iowa State) and David Beaty (Kansas) within the Big 12, and significantly...

Video of the Day – Bill Walton visits Oregon’s Marcus Mariota Treatment Center

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jXdWX-BDuc Video of the Day Monday January 30, 2017 Bill Walton visits Oregon's Marcus Mariota treatment center

Photos: The 13 best schedule posters from around college football

Over the past month or so, teams have been releasing their schedule poster to the fan bases to build some hype.  Some of those posters have been just "OK", while a number of others are particularly well done. Because everyone (except our wives and...

Friday’s One Minute Warm Up

To get the blood pumping: The quote of the day https://twitter.com/_fournette/status/1030077147296268288 This is kind of funny https://twitter.com/CalMorgan/status/1029842029528997893 That's quite the glitch https://twitter.com/rotoworld/status/1030177978083405827 Respect https://twitter.com/Rivals_Clint/status/1030410332022480896 This is pretty mesmerizing https://twitter.com/MaxPreps/status/1030310711728033792 Yes. Amen https://twitter.com/janssenleader/status/1030388273963778048 Auburn takes their pictures with tempo too evidently? https://twitter.com/CoachGusMalzahn/status/1030145127476613121 What!?!? https://twitter.com/SportsCenter/status/1030287980785750018 Takes a special individual to go off the high dive when you can't see https://twitter.com/USC_Athletics/status/1030263909150650368 Spartans equipment guys celebrating a...