Walker Jones (CAA) – February 28, 2015

Walker Jones joins Scott to discuss his role as a coaches' agent with CAA.

Butch Jones – January 25, 2015

Tennessee head coach Butch Jones joined Scott to discuss his search for a new offensive coordinator.

FootballScoop Spring Tour – Texas A&M

Friday, on the FootballScoop Spring Tour presented by Overtime Software, Scott and Zach visited Texas A&M. They left convinced that the Aggies have "the best facilities in the SEC".Full write up with plenty of pictures and more will come later this week. 

FootballScoop’s visit with Chad Morris

Tuesday afternoon was Spring practice number 1 of the Chad Morris era at SMU. The weather was beautiful outside and there was an energy inside the building as well. Scott visited with June Jones and his staff less than a year ago; and now had...

Patrick Strong (Balch Sports) – February 28, 2015

Patrick Strong with Balch Sports visits with Scott to discuss the role of a coaches' agent.

PODCAST Episode 3: How to create a culture, the most important ingredient, and creating a culture with limited resources

This week, on Beyond the Whistle, we continue our conversation on culture and its importance with Grapevine HS (TX) head coach Randy Jackson, also the author of Culture Defeats Strategy, which you can order here. This week, coach Jackson and I discuss how he's created...

Podcast: Discussing the Charlie Strong situation

This morning Scott and I broke out the podcast equipment to discuss the Charlie Strong's involvement in a high-profile Louisville divorce. It's a discussion with lots of implications: What is the likelihood Strong is pulled into the case in a meaningful way? How should Strong handle...

Stec – February 22, 2015

New Missouri State head coach Dave Steckel, a.k.a Stec, joins Scott to discuss his decision to accept the head coaching position at Missouri State, how he told his players and fellow coaches at Missouri and how he was able to build a staff so...

David Beaty – December 14, 2014

New Kansas head coach David Beaty joined Scott on FootballScoop radio. Beaty describes how he approached trying to get the job and all that has transpired in the few days since being named head coach.