Lance Leipold – February 8, 2015

New Buffalo head coach Lance Leipold joins Scott to discuss how he handled dual roles, building a new staff at UB while guiding Whitewater through the playoffs and ultimately to another National Championship.

Patrick Strong (Balch Sports) – February 28, 2015

Patrick Strong with Balch Sports visits with Scott to discuss the role of a coaches' agent.

Walker Jones (CAA) – February 28, 2015

Walker Jones joins Scott to discuss his role as a coaches' agent with CAA.

FootballScoop Spring Tour – Texas

Scott and Zach visited Texas this morning on the FootballScoop Spring Tour presented by Overtime Software. Have a listen as they explain the visit and give their thoughts on what they saw and compare everything to their experiences in Oklahoma. Next stop on the tour is...

Warren McCarty (MPIF) – February 28, 2015

Warren McCarty joins Scott & Derek to discuss the role he plays as a coaches' agent for coaches at all levels.

“Successful seasons are 75% culture and 25% scheme” and more on the importance of culture

Today, in Episode 2 of Beyond the Whistle on The FootballScoop Podcast, I had the opportunity to talk with Grapevine HS (TX) head coach Randy Jackson, who recently released a new book entitled Culture defeats Strategy (which you can order here). As coaches, we love going...

PODCAST: Episode 5 – Finding that important balance between coaching, work, and family life

Subscribe to The FootballScoop Podcast here via iTunes As coaches, finding the balance between coaching, work, and family can be a difficult challenge for even the most veteran of coaches. Some coaches never find it and end up getting out of the profession altogether. On Beyond the...

Podcast: Discussing the Charlie Strong situation

This morning Scott and I broke out the podcast equipment to discuss the Charlie Strong's involvement in a high-profile Louisville divorce. It's a discussion with lots of implications: What is the likelihood Strong is pulled into the case in a meaningful way? How should Strong handle...

FootballScoop Spring Tour – Baylor

Scott and Zach recap an excellent visit with Art Briles and staff at Baylor. McLane Stadium is outstanding.If you plan to build a stadium in the near future, this one is your blueprint.