Lance Leipold – February 8, 2015

New Buffalo head coach Lance Leipold joins Scott to discuss how he handled dual roles, building a new staff at UB while guiding Whitewater through the playoffs and ultimately to another National Championship.

Butch Jones – January 25, 2015

Tennessee head coach Butch Jones joined Scott to discuss his search for a new offensive coordinator.

DJ Durkin – January 4, 2015

DJ Durkin joins Scott to discuss how he handled his role as interim head coach at Florida while he, other coaches and his players all contemplated the future.

David Beaty – December 14, 2014

New Kansas head coach David Beaty joined Scott on FootballScoop radio. Beaty describes how he approached trying to get the job and all that has transpired in the few days since being named head coach.

FootballScoop Radio – February 22, 2015

Todd Berry & Tommy Tuberville join Scott & Derek to discuss Grant Teaff's decision to step down as the executive director of the AFCA and how the search for the new leader is expected to play out.

Warren McCarty (MPIF) – February 28, 2015

Warren McCarty joins Scott & Derek to discuss the role he plays as a coaches' agent for coaches at all levels.

Walker Jones (CAA) – February 28, 2015

Walker Jones joins Scott to discuss his role as a coaches' agent with CAA.

Patrick Strong (Balch Sports) – February 28, 2015

Patrick Strong with Balch Sports visits with Scott to discuss the role of a coaches' agent.