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1 question to 10 coaches

Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez...

You treat every job like it's the last job you'll ever have because you never know - it might be. From that standpoint, whether you're a GA, or your a coordinator, or you're a head coach, whatever level you're at, you want to put everything you've got into that job. If you do that and concern yourself with that and you're at a good place with good people and have good fortune, everything will work out fine for you. I've always told our guys that. Wherever you're at or whatever role you have, just put all you have into that and people will notice.

Temple head coach Matt Rhule....

One of the best pieces of advice was actually something I read. Bill Parcells has an excerpt from something he wrote on how to lead a team, one of the things he said in that, and I'll paraphrase, "If you want to be a leader, then lead." What he was saying was when he was a young coach he basically tried to earn the ability to lead and waited until people wanted to listen to him. He finally made the decision that was just going to lead and do it his way and see if people followed. I think as a young coach that's the one thing I tried to do. When I was a GA I didn't want to act like a GA, I wanted to act like a full-time coach and carry myself that way, in the staff meetings speak up if I have something to say, if I had a question, ask it. With the players I tried to deal with them as a coach and not just as another one of the boys. That takes confidence and that takes courage. That's something that I read from a guy that I look up to. I think that's carried me very well and that's something I encourage our GAs here, don't wait to be a full-time coach to start acting like a coach. Carry yourself like a coach, act like a coach, work like a coach and then eventually you'll be a coach. That really sticks with me. 

East Carolina head coach Ruffin McNeill

I got a chance to meet Coach (Bill) Walsh, the great San Francisco 49ers head coach. He mentioned one word - details. Pay attention to details. That same day I met Coach (Eddie) Robinson and he pointed out that one thing to be very, very good an attentiive to would be special teams. So, details and special teams. The thing I learned at Clemson under Coach (Danny) Ford and his staff, that's a great staff I was able to GA under, was that you have three items as a college coach. You have on the field, in the classroom or community and recruiting. Be good at those three things and make sure you're good at all three of those things. 

Boise State head coach Chris Petersen

In some ways it's almost like the golden rule. Treat kids like you'd want to be treated and coached, and I think sometomes coaches forget that. I know when certain coaches coached me well and treated me a certain way and spoke to me a certain way how I really responded in a positive way, and you get those other coaches who are angry and frustrated and all that and how that makes you feel. I think it comes back to coaching people, coaching kids exactly like you'd like to be coached, and usually that's in a positive manner, with a lot of energy and with a smile on your face.