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10 stipulations of Mark Helfrich's contract at Oregon

Chip Kelly left behind a spectacular legacy at Oregon. Winning big by running the opponent out of the building and wearing some eye-catching uniforms to boot. In his absence, Oregon plans to continue believing in Win The Day and Next Man Up. Unfortunately, there's another instantly-recognizable phrase Kelly leaves behind: Willie Lyles.

The relationship between Kelly and Lyles is still under investigation, and athletic director Rob Mullens has a plan in place to deal with the ongoing NCAA probe. Built into new head coach Mark Helfrich's contract are 10 points he must abide by, according to reporting by George Schroeder and Dan Wolken of USA Today:

1. Create written procedures "to ensure that the football staff, including assistant coaches, is monitoring the football program's rules compliance".

2. Assign a football staff liaison to the compliance staff.

3. Delegate football staff members to "monitor specific areas of compliance" such as recruiting contacts, initial eligibility, amateurism and telephone contacts.

4. Regularly evaluate football staff members in their handling of compliance responsibilities.

5. Monitor the football program's ongoing compliance training and ensure that there is a plan in place "for discussion of important information".

6. Handle reporting lines for resolving any NCAA rules issues, whether actual or potential.

7. Determine lines of communication to alert compliance staff of any potential issues regarding current players or recruits.

8. Hold regular meetings with the football staff to monitor compliance and make sure all reporting avenues with the compliance staff are "functioning properly".

9. Ensure his staff immediately brings "concerns or red flags related to potential NCAA violations" to the attention of Oregon's compliance staff. 

Additionally, Helfrich must meet with Mullens and Oregon president Michael Gottfredson to discuss the school's expectations regarding compliance and the football program's shared responsibility with Oregon's compliance staff. 

The contract also states that Helfrich has made Oregon aware of any "conduct that would give rise to an allegation that he has violated any rules, regulations policies, bylaws, interpretations or decisions established or issued", and that Mullens has brought Helfrich up to speed on the status of the NCAA's investigation. 

No one will be able to accuse Oregon of shying away from its compliance duties with regards to the NCAA's investigation. While a lot of these contractual mandates are commonplace, one has to wonder if spelling out a head coach's compliance responsiblities to this detail will become standard operation procedure with all new coaching hires across FBS.