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'A few years ago people wanted us to drop football, now it's four straight BCS bowls'

The evolution of Stanford football over the past decade has been nothing short of absolutely astonishing.

Back in 2006, after a 1-11 season, instead of chatter about BCS bowl games, people were talking about dropping football altogether, or at least dropping down to the Division I-AA level.

After wrapping up the Pac-12 title on Saturday with a win over Arizona State, Shaw reminded the media of the evolution of the program (four straight 10+ win seasons and four straight BCS bowl trips), and told everyone how important it was to this group of seniors to leave a legacy that they thought was fit for Stanford football.

"Four straight years of ten-plus wins, four straight BCS bowl games, and we talked about how many years ago being 1-11 and how people said we should drop football, or drop down a level."

Then in the locker room, Shaw talked about the team's resiliency through the season.

"All year people have jumped on and off our bandwagon, and it doesn't affect us. It doesn't affect us. Cheer for us, don't cheer for us, it doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is that we bring our guys and we play hard, we play smart, we play together and we play to win."

Shaw and Jim Harbaugh have developed a great blueprint for getting the program turned around, so ten years from now, what program is going to be the one to turn the tables like Stanford has been able to?