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$100,000 on the line in The Swamp

A trip to Atlanta for the SEC Championship is on the line on Saturday night when Florida hosts South Carolina. 

 Urban Meyer wants it “out of control” in The Swamp.

Meyer said, “I’d like to make this one go down in the books. “Obviously, the football team’s gotta do their part, which is the most important one, but I’d like to see this stadium absolutely out of control. The best home field advantage in America, let’s use it to the maximum. Unless people got something else to do, I’d love to see a couple hundred thousand people here, packed house.”

A win for the Gamecocks would clinch the SEC East for South Carolina, in which Spurrier would receive a $100,000 bonus.

Upon hearing that his quarterback Stephen Garcia called the game “the biggest in school history,” Spurrier said, "No, that's not true. Please don’t listen to Stephen when he talks."

South Carolina is third in the nation is sacks with 3.56 per game and eleventh nationally in rushing defense. Urban said last week, “We’re just not very good on defense. We’re just not.” The Gators, do however, rank 7th nationally in total defense and 25th in scoring defense.

Too bad for the Gamecocks this one isn’t in Columbia. Sandstorm would be ridiculous.