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Thirteen people you should be following on Twitter

We didn't make a big deal out of it, but each week the FootballScoop Staff picked games over at Football Quick Hits. In addition to the three of us throwing our respective darts against the wall (though, I may add, yours truly ended up winning the season-long contest), we asked one prominent member of the college football community to join us each week. These guys are the absolute best in the business, and we appreciate them taking a chunk out of their time to help us out.

Now do yourself a favor and give them a follow on Twitter:

- @KegsnEggs: Everything you need to know about college football, gambling, beer, video games, funny plays and fat guy touchdowns. You know, the important stuff in life.

- @PaulMyerberg: I'm convinced there's no one on Planet Earth that loves college football more than Paul. One day, the Big Ten and the SEC will play a bowl game on the surface of the sun, and Paul will be there.

- @BryanDFischer: If there's something going on in the world of college sports at any hour of the day, Bryan knows about it. And he's probably tweeting about it.

- John Taylor (@CFTalk): Head honcho at NBC's College Football Talk. Day and night, CFT is the most voluminous college football blog on the web.

- Steven Godfrey (@38Godfrey): When SBNation needs a great, long-form college football story, Steven Godfrey is their man on the scene.

- Jon Wilner (@wilnerhotline): The absolute authority when it comes to the inner-workings of the Pac-12.

- @Max_Olson: Puts in yeoman's work for covering all things Texas Longhorns and Big 12 recruiting.

- @DavidUbben: The internet's leading expert on the Big 12. Formerly of, now plying his craft for Fox Sports Southwest.

- Stephen Spiewak (@spiewak): The man behind

- @DanWolken: National college football writer for USA Today. No one thinks deeper or more originally about college sports issues than Dan. 

- @TomFornelli: Workhorse behind the great CBS college football blog, Eye on College Football.

- Brett McMurphy (@McMurphyESPN): College football insider for ESPN. The man inside the large-scale movements of college football. Realignment, College Football Playoff, bowl games, you name it, McMurphy is on it.

- @AndyStaples: All in all, the most popular man in the college football media. Also the world's foremost expert on barbecue, as far as we're concerned.