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Over 1,300 yards passing in Texas HS game last night

Last night Todd Dodge's Marble Falls (TX) team beat Boerne-Champion HS (TX) in a 62-55 shootout that featured two air attacks that combined for 1,300 yards. Both teams eclipsed any scoring that took place during the Texas summer 7 on 7 passing tournament (Bowie HS was the highest scoring team in the tournament with 50 points).

Marble Falls quarterback Mike Richardson went off for a state record 715 yards (which ranks second nationally), less than fifty yards shy of the national record of 764 yards. Richardson broke the state record of 683 yards that was set last season.

What makes the accomplishment even more impressive is that in the previous three games combined, Richardson had thrown for 760 yards total.

Prior to this game, only two quarterbacks had ever thrown for over 600 in a single game. Unofficially after last night, many publications had Boerne-Champion quarterback Kyle Poeske finishing with 610 yards passing. However, the official numbers just came in and show that Kyle Poenske actually came up 5 yards short of that 600 yard milestone. Still an impressive outing regardless.

Great jobs by both offensive staffs.