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$16 will keep Mike Bobo off the road for one month

We saw a note a little while ago stating that Georgia offensive coordinator Mike Bobo will be banned from off campus recruiting for a month due to a secondary NCAA violation.

The violation occurred while Bobo was escorting a recruit and his mother around campus. The three went to the NCAA Tennis Championships that were being held on the Georgia campus and did not pay the $8 admission fee. A member of the ticket office later reported the incident to the compliance office.

Under NCAA rules, recruits are normally allowed to receive complimentary admission to one regular season home event during an unofficial visit. With the event in question being the National Championship, that did not apply to Bobo's situation.

Pretty ridiculous to get banned from off campus recruiting for an entire month for a $16 admissions fee...but it should serve as a reminder to all of us to know, and understand, the NCAA rules and guidelines. 

Quick FootballScoop insert on this one...and admittedly we don't know the rules here; but hey Mr. Ticket Office guy, how about next time you stop the coach and tell him the rule and ask for the $16...or maybe you call him after the fact, explain and then go collect the $16 rather than "reporting the incident to compliance". Just our opinion...