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2 extremely disappointed head coaches

Mack Brown and Bill Stewart were both extremely disappointed with the play of their teams on Saturday. Texas lost 34-12 to UCLA. West Virginia suffered a 20-14 loss at LSU.

Brown described the day by saying, “This one is embarrassing for me. As a head coach, I’m responsible for everyone in this program – from the trainers, to the managers, to the walk-ons, to the kids, to the coaches - everybody. It was not fair to Texas fans. It was not fair to the players. I’ve got to do a better job. You can’t have that many mistakes when you’re doing my job. I thought this was very similar to Kansas State [in 2007] when we just looked awful.” 

“UCLA did a great job. Rick Neuheisel has got it turned. I think you’ll see they’ll have a good year. They have an impressive group of players. It’s very disappointing – the whole thing. It’s hard to point out what’s worse when it’s all bad. Some kids played well. As a team we played very poorly top to bottom. The defense played well in the first half. The offense didn’t play well throughout the game. The kicking game was inconsistent. We still can’t return kickoffs. We messed up our punt returns three times. We didn’t cover a kickoff. The second half we came back and score and they return [it] to the 50 [yard line]. They score in three plays. We didn’t play good as a team at all to give ourselves a chance.” 

“It’s disappointing and it’s stunning. In fact, I’m shocked. I’m disappointed and shocked.” 

Bill Stewart said, "That was a tough one to lose, and it is going to stick with me a long time.”

"I do not like missing two field goals. I do not like giving up a punt return. I do not like us not handling the pressure, and I do not like being able to capitalize and trading touchdowns for turnovers. That is not funny to me."

Noel Devine ran for just 37 yards on 14 carries. With only 2 of 15 third-down conversions, WVU ran only 56 plays for a total of 177 yards.