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2011 media guide released: Does anyone do it like LSU?


LSU has released their 2011 football media guide.

Interestingly, the Tigers chose not to feature any players or even head coach Les Miles on the front cover. There’s not even a color photo of Tiger Stadium, the pride of LSU.

Perhaps it’s a message that this year's squad isn't about any one individual, it’s about a team. It’s about a team on mission to end up in New Orleans, site of the 2012 national championship game.

OR it’s that LSU wants you to read a passage, so that you can truly feel Tiger Stadium.

"It is a pantheon of concrete & steele. It is a city that rises. Defiantly in the delta, alongside the father of waters. It is the humidity of autumn evenings that drapes stately oaks and broad magnolias. It is haunted and it is loud. It is Halloween night and cannon blasts. It is a Louisiana gumbo of humanity that cheers its Tigers to victory & destroys the dreams of invading foes. Chance of rain…never! It is a cathedral of college football…and worship happens here. When the sun finds its home in the western sky, it is a field of glory. For sure, but much more than that it is a sacred place and it’s Saturday night in Death Valley."

Do yourself a favor. Watch this video down below. College football is approaching.