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2014 off to record start for FootballScoop

A year ago, January 2013, was the largest January in our 14 years in terms of traffic to the site.

January 2014 blew past those numbers, showing over 50% growth in unique visitors to the site.

Feb 1 Update>Now that January is behind us and we have finalized numbers...Happy to report that unique visitors increased 59% in January.

In January 2013 we had two days in which over 43,000 unique visitors came to the site. In January of 2014, we had 19 days with over 43,000 unique visitors and will average nearly 50,000 unique visitors to the site each day (including weekends). 

Our unique visitors visited the site well over 500,000 times per week during January once again easily setting a record for visits during January. 

54% of our visits during the month were mobile (compared with 43% last January). 

All of the above figures come from Google Analytics and are available directly from Google and we happily supply to all of our advertisers as well. 

During the month, our servers did not perform optimally and we will improve the user experience on the site; both on desktop and on mobile. In the coming months we will significantly improve both the back end engines and the front end experience for our viewers.

We have also experienced considerable growth on Twitter where our followers grew from about 25,000 last January to over 55,000 today. We truly enjoy continuing the conversation on Twitter and try to respond to as many questions as we can there (publicly when appropriate or via direct messages when necessary). 

One final note before we turn the page to February. FootballScoop is now in our 15th year as an independent site. Seemingly every year, and as recently as earlier this month, one of the "big guys" inquired about buying the website. Selling FootballScoop is not what we are looking to do. The money being offered is very nice; but we do this to help coaches and the profession and we genuinely enjoy what we do. On that note, we also are very selective with who we allow to directly advertise with us and we only support those companies that we believe are run by good people who have the best intentions. Your support of our sponsors is truly appreciated and is why we are able to do what we do. Taking that one step further, if we say we believe in a company or a product, we are doing so because we have seen, tried it, heard great things about it from people we trust, etc... 

Finally, we have a number of new things planned for 2014. Stay tuned and we appreciate all of the feedback and ideas from our audience. We'll be rolling many of these new features out over the course of the next few months; but the first one comes....Monday! Have a great weekend everybody!

Scott F. Roussel

President - FootballScoop