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$30 million hit for Notre Dame? Plus, great news for Rich Rod

Forbes reporter Patrick Rishe writes Declan Sullivan tragedy could cost Notre Dame $30 million: If found guilty of negligent behavior and if the degree of fault rests predominantly in the university’s lap, Notre Dame could face compensatory damages in the $15M to $20M range in the aftermath of Declan Sullivan’s tragic death. And if punitive damages are also levied upon the university, the price tag associated with Mr. Sullivan’s passing could increase by an additional $45M-$60Mif penalized to the maximum allowable amount under Indiana law.

Joe Schad’s latest tweet (Good news for Rich Rod): "Filed to ESPN: NCAA concluded RichRod did not fail to promote atmosphere of compliance."

NCAA review will be released on Thursday. Word is...great news for Michigan and Rich Rod.

Ole Miss defensive coordinator Tyrone Nix says the Rebels have taken on all possible adversity this year: “It’s a tremendous challenge. It tests everything about you, this football game, and this defense knows every aspect of adversity because we’ve been attacked at every angle. The thing that we have to do is continue to show the character and the courage to continue to compete, because I know it’s a long season left and we’re going to start this Saturday in the right direction. I think these guys really have the right attitude. … We’re going to continue to see an improved defense, a defense that’s going to help carry us through the rest of this season and be an impact for this team.”

Do you think this guy has confidence? This is priceless: