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4 athletic departments spent over $1 million on recruiting

In an interesting study, Kristi Dosh of the Business of College Sports broke down the total recruiting expenditures for each school that finished in the 2010 Top 25 BCS rankings.

The numbers reflect the total spending on recruiting for male athletics, not just football.

The overall average of the 25 programs on all male athletic recruiting for the 2009-10 year was $629,000.

Four athletic departments tipped the $1 million plateau. Alabama led the nation by spending $1.25 million on recruiting. Arkansas spent $1.18 million, while Auburn spent $1.12 million. Oklahoma ($1.01 million) was the only other athletic department to spend over $1 million.

Some of the notable lower figures include TCU ($438,000), Mississippi State ($434,000), Oklahoma State ($414,000), and Boise State ($158,000).

It appears that athletic departments are spending on average 1.01% of their overall budget on recruiting for men’s athletics.

You can see the entire research, right here.