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4 Virginia Tech coaches make assessments

Frank Beamer, both coordinators, and head strength coach Mike Gentry made some early practice comments.

Quoting head strength coach Mike Gentry: “One of the best summers we’ve had in a long time. When your best players are breaking records, that’s when your program’s going in the right direction.”

Quoting Frank Beamer: (on the question he wants to get answered the most) “Getting our back-up situation on defense squared away, settling on punters and field-goal guys – and from what I saw today, it’s the same as what it has been (Hazley on FG, Saunders the punter). But we’ve got some good kickers out here. It’s going to be good competition. I like that. That makes everyone better.”

Quoting OC Brian Stinespring:“The elixir for me, when I go to sleep... it’s a great calming part of my life that Tyrod Taylor is our quarterback.”

Quoting Bud Foster: “We’ve got seven new starters we’ve got to put in place. Are we in position to reload? I don’t know. We’ll find that out here. But I do like the athletes that we have. We’ve got a lot of kids that can run fast, but when you’re playing fast, that’s when you know your assignment and your mind’s not tying up your feet. We’ve got to wait and see that. I like what we’ve done.”