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$4.3 million on the line Saturday. Good luck, coach!

Twenty years ago, Chip Kelly broke into the coaching profession at Columbia University, where he coached the defensive backs and special teams.

He was probably making around $4300.

On Saturday, Kelly’s going for $4.3 milllion.

According to USA Today, “Kelly's new contract includes a provision giving him a one-year extension if the Ducks — now 11-0 — win at least 12 games in the 2010 season or participate in this season's BCS title game. His guaranteed compensation in that extra year would be $4 million, the same amount he is scheduled to receive in 2015-16.”

In addition to the $4 million, Kelly will net another $285,000 for winning 12 regular season game and qualifying for the BCS national championship game. 

Chip, if you’re reading this story, please click on a few ads on the site, so we can make an extra $4 dollars and 30 cents today. Appreciate you, brother!