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A 22 minute replay in D-1 football, are you kidding me?

We didn't think it was possible for a replay official to hold a football game up 22 minutes while he tries to sort out his own error; but yes, that can happen if you play in the WAC.

The unfortunate guys who had to witness this debacle were the players, coaches and fans of Louisiana Tech and Hawaii this past Saturday. 

The quick run down is this...Hawaii coach Greg McMackin called a timeout before the snap on a 3rd down play. On the field, the refs granted the timeout but the players played the play. Thus, on the field, after the timeout, the refs properly had everything lined up for 3rd down. Incomplete pass...and thus now it's 4th down. Punt and now it's LA Tech's ball. All correct.

Now here's the problem. The brilliant guy up in the box thought the original 3rd down play counted. Then he thought the timeout occurred after that play (wrong). He then saw the incomplete pass which he though occurred on 4th down. He then saw the punt which he thought was on a 5th down (wrong again). He buzzed the crew and said he needed to review the sequence because he thought Hawaii had just had 5 downs.

We're not making this part up. This guy, the replay official, then held the game up 22 minutes while trying to sort this out.

McMackin said he spoke with the refs on the field and they all were on the same page and knew there was no issue; but the guy upstairs was confused...for 22 minutes. 

The score was 13-6 Hawaii at the time. After the delay, Hawaii went on a 28-7 run and wound up winning 44-26.

Not that it helps anything; but yesterday (on Tuesday...yes they waited until Tuesday) WAC commissioned Karl Benson apologized for what he called an "excessive" delay. Really. On Tuesday. We're fairly sure Sonny Dykes said, "Thanks Karl. That really means a lot."

Below you will find video of Sonny Dykes at halftime speaking to ESPN's crew about the call. We are going to keep the video of Dykes' reaction to Benson's statement on Tuesday in the FootballScoop vault.