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A complete guide to every FBS uniform change (so far)


There are 126 schools competing in the Football Bowl Subdivision for the 2013 season. Seventy of them are changing up their uniforms in some form or fashion from last season.

Of course, not all of those changes are cut from the same cloth. Not everyone is ushering in a completely new design (although many, many, many schools are), donning a wacky alternate uniform (although plenty of schools will indeed do just that) or throwing out some eyeball-catching new helmets (although, again, a handful of schools will have new lids).

In some places, changes are as miniscule as new gloves, new cleats, new pants, new collars, new helmet decals or even new nose bumpers. But, still, changes are changes. Even programs that seemingly never touch their uniforms, places like Florida StateGeorgia and LSU, made small tweaks from 2012 to 2013. 

While over 55 percent of FBS has already unveiled changes for this fall, expect that number to rise as the season goes along. A handful of schools, such as Arkansas State and Kentucky, leaked photos of new helmets and jerseys but have not confirmed when/if we'll see them on the field this season. And this isn't counting the alternate uniforms to be announced during the season, much like Adidas did for Mississippi State and Texas A&M and UnderArmour did for Texas Tech in 2012. My guess? By the time the bowl season ends, we'll be soaring past the 80 mark.

We do a pretty good job here at the Scoop of tracking all the noteworthy uniform changes across FBS, but we have to give credit for this summary to UniWatch. He's lucky enough to write about nothing but uniforms for a living and, lucky for us, compiled all this year's changes in one place. Check it out.

And to get you primed this weekend, here are all the uniform tweaks you'll see tonight thanks to Phil Hecken.

Fresno State will wear all white at home tonight versus Rutgers.

Indiana will don its state flag helmets for its home date with Indiana State tonight.

Indiana flag

South Carolina will be in all garnet for its border battle with North Carolina tonight.

South Carolina garnet

Mississippi State will be in (previously unseen, I think) alternate helmets when it meets Oklahoma State in Houston on Saturday afternoon.

Miss State helmet

And Cincinnati will wear an all white helmet against Purdue on Saturday.

Cincy helmet