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A disappointed Mack Brown talks about what is ahead for Longhorns

During Monday's press conference, a disappointed Mack Brown stressed the Longhorns (4-5) will not quit.

(on negative press from media) “The coaches have to handle that adversity and win at the same time. You can’t get down. You can’t point fingers. You have to go back to work. You stay upbeat. You stay demanding.” 

“You gotta be upbeat and positive with 18-22 year olds when they don’t have much positive going.”

“The players actually played hard against Kansas State, which is hard to believe considering the way the game turned out.”

(on the horrible field position) “The entire team is responsible for that and the coaches as well.”

“We gave ourselves absolutely no chance to win the game. We lost all phases in the kicking game. We kick off to the number 1 kick-off return team in the country, they return it 63 yards. Two plays later, they hand it off to the guy we talked about all week, and he scores. Offensively, you have 5 turnovers, you give yourself no chance to win.”

“We’re sitting here minus 12 in turnovers, the teams that play for the national championship will be around +20.”

(on Oklahoma State) “What Dana (Holgorsen) has done is brought what they did at Texas Tech, cut the split, run the ball better, and that receiver is every bit as good as (Dez Bryant).”

"Still trying to win those 8 eight. We're going to fight our guts out."

"I've told the guys that we've handled winning with class, and now we have to handle losing with class."