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A few policy changes in the Big 12 and SEC

12A few changes in policy, including instant replays and when bands are allowed to play, have quietly made their way to the Big 12 and SEC.

This season, fans at games will see replays similar to what viewers at home see.

In SEC country, stadiums can show the plays in question from the end of one play until the beginning of the next.

The Big 12 will handle controversial replays a little differently, allowing stadiums to show a replay up to three times.

As Big 12 associate commissioner for communications Bob Burda explains, “It includes plays that are under review, but also foul / penalties that have or haven’t been called, timing decisions at the end of game or other situations that would fall under the category of controversial play.”

In previous years, the two conferences only allowed one instant replay of a play in question. 

Also, the SEC announced that bands will now be able to play from when the play is whistled dead, up until the point where the center takes his place at the line of scrimmage. Previously bands were not allowed play once the offensive team broke the huddle and were also not allowed to be amplified during games.

It will be interesting to see the reaction of a Death Valley crowd when they're able to see a controversial call over and over again.