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A few reasons Skip Holtz can lead USF to victory in Gainesville

First-year South Florida head coach Skip Holtz talked about the Bulls’ chances of upsetting Florida in Gainesville on Saturday.

Holtz said, “Can we? Yes, we can. Could we beat them nine times out of 10? No. There aren't many people in the country who can beat them even 50 percent of the time. I'll put it this way. We have a chance." 

Holtz added, "To the people at Florida, it would be that extreme if we were to win, yes. From where we want to build this program, for the people on the inside, no, it wouldn't be that extreme. That's where we have the expectation level. Are we there yet? That's why we're playing the game. We'll see."

"Do you think our seniors want to hear about a five-year plan?" Holtz said. "They don't even want to hear about a two-year plan. They don't want to hear how we're going to be down the road. … I think our expectation level has to be the same now as it will be five years from now. If our players don't believe we have a chance, we have no chance."

Former Memphis head coach Tommy West paid a very nice compliment to Skip Holtz this week.

While talking with Sports56 Radio in Memphis, West said, “I thought Skip did as good a job as anybody in the country at not giving away games. We all have games we come out of saying ‘we should have won that one. Should have found a way to win it. Made a mistake here. Made a mistake there. Well, that’s what bad teams do. Bad teams give away games. East Carolina was the best team that really I’ve seen in a while at not giving games away. You had to beat them. That’s why he won back-to-back championships and he won the underdog in both championship games. Tulsa turned it over and he didn’t. Houston turned it over and he didn’t. He beat two teams that he probably shouldn’t have beat by not making mistakes and playing great defense.” 

Kick-off in Gainesville is set for 12:21 pm EST on the SEC Network / ESPN – GP.