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A happy Rich Rod: We've got sirens, people screaming, countdown clock, all that stuff

After all he has been through, we couldn’t be happier for Rich Rodriguez.

Coming off the 67-65 (3OT) win over Illinois, Rich Rod was asked today, “With such a long game, do you spend extra time breaking down that film?”

Rodriguez responded happily, “We’re not breaking no rules. Nah, we’ve got our 4-hour limit today, so they lifted for about 50 minutes or so and that gives us 3 hours and 10 minutes. We’ll use all 3 hours we have left from 2:30 on. In fact, when it gets close to that 4 hour limit, we’ve got sirens going off, people screaming, countdown clock, all that stuff. Normally, we’re shorter than that. We don’t even cut it close. Boy, if we’re at that 3 hours and 50 minutes, coaches are running in the building now. (Smiling) I’m messing around.”

A reporter then asked, “Does it feel good to joke about that now?”

“Yeah, but I’m not joking.” (Huge laugh from everyone)

“Last week was a good week. It was good to get that process over. A lot of people are relieved we got that over.”

It was great to see Rich Rodriguez in such a good mood.