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A look at what directors of HS Athletic Associations make


Jon Solomon of had an interesting article this morning on the revenue sharing between the Alabama High School Athletic Association and schools as well as the finances and spending figures.

While the article had some solid information, what we found really interesting was the analysis that Solomon did on the salaries of the high school athletic association directors are pulling in from each state. Only Mississippi, Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia and Kentucky are included in the figures, but it provides a nice peek into the pay scale of the directors.

Take a look at the chart below.

We're not exactly sure why the state of Mississippi's director makes so much more than the other schools listed, and our guess is that figure isn't normal, but we thought this salary information would be something that you guys would find interesting.

While it would definitely stray from the geographical pattern of the list above, we'd love to see the figures for states like Texas and California added to the list to see where they fall.

The original article, which has some fascinating figures, can be read here in its entirety.