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A new low for the NCAA?

The NCAA has been taking it's fair share of abuse over the past few years; but overall most people believe that they are good people who have a very challenging role. With nearly unlimited resources, one would expect that they would hire the best possible people and afford them the best possible training.

Now as you might have heard, yesterday Yahoo Sports broke news of an investigation into NCAA rules violations at the University of Miami.

Now here's the shocking part. This morning, the NCAA's managing director of digital communications (Ronnie Ramos) tweets, "Notice how folks like Dan Wetzel and Pete Thamel post false statements and then never correct them. Accountability a two-way street."

For those that don't know, Wetzel is one of the lead reporters at Yahoo Sports and Thamel is the national college sports reporter for the New York Times.

As Brian Fischer (CBS Sports - college football and recruiting) was quick to point out, "NCAA bashing some of the people that do the investigating for them...Hilarious that they just don't get it."

NCAA guy Ramos responded via twitter that he was referring to something having to do with Mark Emmert not having called another summit on something.... How many more summits can we have?

So, let me get this straight. Yesterday Yahoo Sports breaks the story on what they say is an 11 month investigation. Today, the NCAA's managing director of digital communications calls out one of the lead Yahoo Sports reporters for, "making false statements and then never correcting them". Really, NCAA? That's how your going to role?