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A valuable recruiting nugget for D-III schools

One of the things that we heard from small college coaches at the AFCA convention this past week, was wanting to see more content aimed at small college coaches.

Earlier this morning, we came across an article from the Huffington Post on graduation rates for D-III schools that has a few good nuggets that may be worthwhile on the recruiting trail. For example, the graduation rate among athletes at the 128 D-III schools that the article focused on was an impressive 86%, while the graduation rate for all students was just 62%.

That's quite the differential between athletes and non-athletes.

Among D-III football programs specifically, 74% of students graduated, compared to just over 50% for male students.

Take a look at the entire article here, which is littered with some good nuggets that may come in handy when you're selling your program, or small college football in general, while out on the recruiting trail.