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A&M coaches have some advice for Big 12 coaches

No, this has nothing to do with the SEC (although we did hear that the pep rally A&M had last night welcoming itself into the SEC was rather odd).

This is about the speed with which Oklahoma State plays.

A&M had Oklahoma State down 20-3 at halftime Saturday night; but then came the third quarter. In the third quarter alone, Oklahoma State scored 21 points, had the ball for nearly 11 minutes and ran 37 offensive plays (and they would have had a 4th touchdown if Justin Blackmon had held onto the ball...see video below).

During that third quarter Aggie defenders experienced a number of cramps. Mike Sherman said, "I can't say we hydrated properly in hindsight, but we didn't anticipate 37 snaps (on defense) in the third quarter. You're going to cramp on a 95-degree day when you play that much....Our guys were looking to the sideline and then trying to get lined up, and OSU was already throwing the screen to the other side of the field. You can't run those kinds of screens in the NFL because the receivers will just get blown up. But (OSU) did a good job. They nickel-and-dimed us with that and changed the tempo."

Defensive coordinator Tim DeRuyter added that they have already implemented some changes since the game, "We now have a better and simpler system for communicating to the players. It's difficult to defend when players are looking for a call, and a pass is to the other side."

Message - Prepare your defense to play against an offense that likes to move at a quick tempo...and you better hydrate because you might be seeing a lot of plays coming at you. Editor's note> We're not sure this is news to anyone; but once you experience the speed yourself it's hard not to talk about it.

Video of Blackmon inexplicably dropping the ball while walking in for a of the coaches in booth at the very end.