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AD to fans: Don't overpay for bad seats

On October 1, Towson will play just down the road at Maryland.

Today, Towson Senior Associate Athletic Director Mike Harris urged Towson fans not to buy the tickets that Maryland had allotted for them, "The allotment of consignment tickets that were presented as part of our game contract were priced at a face value of $38. These seats were located in a corner of Byrd Stadium."

"Since we have received this allotment from [Maryland], the secondary ticket market has been flooded with deeply discounted tickets starting as low as $4 per seat...As such, we have returned our consignment tickets to [Maryland] and we are encouraging our fans to seek tickets directly from [Maryland Athletics or via the secondary market. Tickets on the secondary market are more affordable and they are located in better viewing locations."

Despite the excellent showing for their Monday night opener with Miami, Maryland fans generally do not fill the stadium and we're quite sure that the Towson staff has done their homework on seat availability. In fact, in their release they note that there is a "high concentration of tickets available".

Plenty of good seats available at far lower prices (than the visiting team's allotment of full price tickets in a corner). Seems like a good recommendation from the Towson athletic staff.

Honesty. We like that.