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Addazio: We're frustrated, but also very excited

After coming off a 9-4 finish in 2011, Steve Addazio and his young Temple team have struggled to a 3-6 start this season. Despite the disappointing start, and likely missing the bowl eligibility mark with their loss to Cincinnati on Saturday, Addazio is confident that his guys are on the right path.

"The feedback that I get back from people that we play against is 'You got a really tough football team, and we see a really great team in the making.' And I believe that too, and that's why I have the attitude that I have."

"You probably say 'What's up with this guy?'" Addazio told reporters after the 34-10 loss to Cincinnati. "That's what I really believe, and I'm not a good liar, I'm not a good faker, I'm not a good hider, I'm not a good manipulator. I'm not good at that, but I know what I feel and I'm expressing that to you. And that's the beautiful thing is that you can see that...agree with that...not, it's your decision, but that's what's going on and that's where we are."

"It's exciting, it's's very frustrating, but it's exciting," Addazio said. "How fast can we get this done? We're in a footrace to do it right now, we are absolutely in a footrace. We need a little bit of that taste of victory. We need to get some of that again, because that's important. When you work as hard as we work you need to feel that victory."

Addazio also touched on the promise that his players are showing by continuing to show up and work their tails off everyday, enjoying the entire process, even after tough losses. In the eyes of him and his staff, that's one of the most promising aspects of their team. The losses have them frustrated, but there's plenty of promise being shown, you can hear the conviction in Addazio's voice.