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Update>We spoke with Toledo staff and the "Adversity" coach Beckman referred to is as follows (MAC coaches you should read this)...

Apparently at some point this Summer the MAC introduced a new conference rule requiring that players on the home team hosting a weekday game to attend all classes that day through noon. Beckman's staff was not made aware of this new rule until earlier this week. Plans, obviously, had already been made, the team was staying at a hotel Wednesday night, gameday routines were in place (meals, meetings, etc...). Thus, players had to constantly be shuttled to and from campus Thursday morning (gameday)...creating a logistical nightmare for the team and staff....Adversity!

Hope everybody in the MAC is aware of this one.

Toledo came out last night with a big 58-22 win over New Hampshire last night. 

The team played well on the field and by most any objective measure played a very good ball game.

Then came Tim Beckman's post game talk. Here's the open...

I would just like to first of all congratulate this football team for having to go through some adversity and do some things that not any other football team has ever had to go through before and I’m proud of the way that this senior group led this football team.

Reporters almost immediately jumped in to ask what this adversity was. Beckman did not care to disclose.

We honestly have no idea what he's referring to; but sure does pique our interest. No other team ever?