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Advice on successfully transitioning to a new system

This time of year brings countless new coordinators stepping into new positions trying to figure out the best way to implement their philosophies and their systems with their new personnel.

Andy Ludwig is one of those coaches. Ludwig joined Gary Andersen's staff as the Badger's new offensive coordinator recently and brings 18 years of play calling experience on the offensive side of the ball from places like Fresno State, Utah, Cal, and most recently, San Diego State.

Wisconsin athletic director Barry Alvarez made it clear after Bret Bielema left for Arkansas that he wanted to bring coaches to Madison that would keep the Wisconsin style of play.

That is Ludwig's mission now. To make the transition to his system, but mesh that with what Wisconsin has established as their physical, smash mouth style of play and he offered some advice on making that transition successful in a recent interview with ESPN.

Ludwig explains that the key is to first develop great communication with your players, and then be detail oriented during the installation process, including going beyond just the how you plan to do things, and getting into the why you're doing it.

"The first thing is, you've got to have great communication. And through that communication, you earn trust. That's going to be a big part of the initial part of the transition, is just getting to know the players by name and position, and having great communication with them."

"Then being very meticulous in terms of the installation process and making sure they understand the whys behind the how. Not just the 'this is how we're going to do it,' but just as important is the why we're going to it." he explains.