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One NFL team has instituted a "push-ups-for-penalties" program

After becoming the first team in over 60 years to win a game after committing 20 penalties New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan has issued a push-up-for-penalties program during practices.

Now when a penalty is committed during practice, Ryan (who instituted the same policy back in 2010) the entire team, except for the player who committed the penalty, must drop and do ten push-ups. As extra motivation, coach Ryan encourages the office employees, and even team owner Woody Johnson to join in on the action.

"The players will get on each other because there’s a little bit of accountability. If you look over and the owner is knocking them out, it’s like, ‘Oh, really?’" Ryan explained to ESPN.

"I don’t want our team associated with penalties. That’s not who we are. I want to be a physical football team, but I also want to be the least penalized team in the league, not the most penalized team. It’s not acceptable" 

I've witnessed high school and youth program do this, but it seems a little strange to see an NFL team full of grown men implement this. But then again, committing 20 penalties in a game justifies some drastic measures in the eye of any coach.