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Air Force HC Troy Calhoun calls out a writer

The Mountain West held their weekly coaches conference call today. Half an hour in, not much of note. Then, it's was Air Force head coach Troy Calhoun's turn. Reminder, Air Force is 1-1 after losing this past Saturday to TCU.

"And the next question comes from The Mountain West senior writer Mick McGrane..." (editor's note...did anyone realize the conference had a senior writer?)

Here's the exchange.

McGrane: Troy, I was just curious, it seems like everyone is screaming that the sky is falling after Air Force loses one game. How is your kids resolve right now?

Calhoun: Who did you say did?

McGrane: I was just curious as to what your kids resolve is now. It just seems like everybody is screaming that the sky is falling because Air Force lost a game.

Calhoun: Who was that? Who specifically said that?

McGrane: No, it just seemed to be general sentiment. I was just wondering how your kids were holding up.

Calhoun: Is there one or two people that said that? Just throw me a name, one or two of people that have said that.

McGrane: I don't have any names.

Healthy pause...

Calhoun: OK, shoot our kids like to play football.

McGrane: Thank you Troy.

Calhoun: You bet Mick.

As you might expect, McGrane's tone was of rejection at the end; whereas Calhoun's was of confidence. You can listen to the whole exchange if you want at this link (jump to the 30:20 mark).