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Al Borges clears up a few things for Michigan fans

Michigan offensive coordinator / quarterbacks coach Al Borges cleared up a few things for the Wolverines’ fans this week. 

In short, Michigan will not operate out of 21 and 22 personnel every play and run “The Power” 14 times a game. 

Borges explained, "We're not a spread team, but you're going to see we are in three and four wides a lot now. Since I've been here, I think this is a perception that has been kind of inaccurate is that we're going to line up two backs under center.”

"Watch our teams play where I've coached. We just don't do that. That's part of our offense that wasn't part of their offense (under Rodriguez) so that is different, but you'll see as much shotgun as you'll see from any NFL team. You'll see different variations of home-position running with the tight end in motion and stuff, so we do use three and four receives and we use them significantly." 

One of the challenges for Borges is developing the footwork and mechanics of Denard Robinson. Borges said, “Footwork is about 80% of the position.” 

In a separate interview, Borges said, “I don’t want to make it sound like they haven’t been tough here. I think they ran the ball and did some good stuff. It’s just a different style that we play. And we have an expectation within that style.” 

Any pressure to succeed immediately?

Borges said, “There is pressure to succeed if you have talent. There is pressure to succeed if you don’t have talent. There’s pressure to succeed, period. That’s part of the job.”

Michigan opens with five consecutive home games against Western Michigan, Notre Dame, Eastern Michigan, San Diego State, and Minnesota.