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Al Borges: I’ll never say ‘never,’ but it’s never been my preference

Michigan offensive coordinator Al Borges is looking for “that guy” to run the rock.

There are currently a handful of running backs trying to win the starting job because Borges doesn’t want to rotate backs.

Borges said, “I don’t like rotating guys. Never have. But that being said, if two guys are on an equal plane, then we may do it. I’ll never say, ‘never,’ but it’s never been my preference.”

What are you looking for?

Borges said, “The ability to win in the open field, break tackles, make people miss, understand our protection scheme, and receiving skills are a part of it, too. It not at the top of the list, but it’s part of it. Just a guy we feel like we can go to that gives us some of same things Denard gave ‘em last year and will give us this year.”

“We’ve made it clear to them, Fred, Brady, and myself, that we’re looking for “the guy.” They got to seize the moment when they get that opportunity. They know that.”

Borges also made it clear that he is not sure just how many times per game that Denard Robinson will carry the ball.

"I'm not committing to anything because then all of sudden I'll say this many and you'll say, 'Well, you said...'"

"We've already said it's going to be less. We've already made that clear. It's going to be less, but let me tell you something. As a player caller, you go into a game with a plan, then all of a sudden, things change. And they can't stop him. Now, I was born at night, but I wasn't born last night. Call his number. Give him a chance, but try not to beat him up. So where is that delicate balance? Where is that fine line? I'm not sure, so I'm not committing to how many times he's going to carry the ball because I'm not sure how things are going to go in the course of a football game. And I'm not exactly sure how everyone is going to defend him."

Borges reminded the audience that every time Denard Robinson gets hit or tackled, it affects the passing game as well. Try throwing the ball after being tackled 18 times. You're not the same.