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Al Borges talks Michigan offense and challenges

Michigan offensive coordinator / quarterbacks coach Al Borges says the whole goal of the offense is to be productive.

Borges wants downhill running at the core of the Wolverines offense.

Borges told ESPN’s Adam Rittenberg, "Schematically, we’re blowing everything up and starting over again.We’re still going to gear everything we do offensively to the skills of the people that are doing it, in particular the quarterback. Are we going to look just like we did at San Diego State? Probably not.”

"We still run around the ends sometimes or at least try to, but we're more of a downhill, power offense type team. A portion of our offense is get in a three-point stance, line the tailback up and come off and hit people in the mouth."

Borges said Denard Robinson’s immediate hurdles include learning the terminology and executing the proper footwork with the new scheme.

Michigan will open the 2011 season with five consecutive home games. The Wolverines will host Western Michigan, Notre Dame, Eastern Michigan, San Diego State, and Minnesota.

To end the regular season, Michigan hosts Nebraska and Ohio State in back-to-back weeks. The cheapest ticket near the 50-yard line for the Nebraska game is selling for $625 on StubHub today. You can get 4 tickets (together) on the 50-yard line for the Ohio State game for $749 per ticket.