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Al Golden's approach on non-padded days is different than full pad days

Go watch Miami's spring practice during one of their non-padded sessions and you won't find them calling "iso" a bunch of times. As Golden explained after sping ball yesterday, he decides to use the non-padded practices a little different than a lot of coaches do.

"I've been places where they ask you to do all the run game, even though you're just in helmets, and after a while I just decided that I don't want to do that."

"I want to be able to do the things that we do really well while we're in helmets, so we did that. We did some two minute and some third down stuff, and our three step and drop back game, so then you can really evaluate them. If you were doing running plays you'd be saying 'Well that was an iso, but we can't really do anything...' so we really don't put them in a conflict there."

Now that train of thought will work if you're fortunate enough to have padded practices in the spring, but at the Division III level, that's not the case so you have to be able to maximize the time that you're given. However, Golden makes some excellent points.