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Al Golden: Here's how I want the depth chart set...

After having a couple of days to digest the film of Saturday’s scrimmage, Al Golden shared his thoughts today.

Summarizing the scrimmage, Golden said, “No turnovers in 111 plays, so that was good for the offense, obviously not as good for the defense. Overall, we are not in condition that we need to be. We don’t play at the type of tempo we need to play at. Clearly, not the type of energy we need to play at…too much of the survival type mode.”

Golden added, “That is the challenge for us this week. Can we prepare? Can we play with Miami toughness and will we start to play with energy and passion?”

“I want the depth chart to reflect performance, not potential. A lot of coaches get fired based on waiting for someone with potential to develop.”

“We have to get more ownership from the units and positions.”

In an interesting statement, Golden told writer Andy Staples earlier in the week, "I know this -- we have a better chance of filling our stadium than Gainesville has of putting an international city right outside its city limits. The expectations here are high, but if you're a coach, you want to be associated with a program that believes in winning national championships. That's what fuels us as a staff right now -- the yearning, coming to work every day knowing there's something absent."