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Al Golden not in the mood: I'm so tired of talking about swagger

In case you’re wondering, Miami (FL) head coach Al Golden is not in the mood to talk about “swagger.” 

Golden said on Monday, “I’m so tired of talking about swagger.”

“I mean, to me, swagger, as it was said to me [by] Alonzo Highsmith and so many other former players, swagger was the byproduct, it wasn’t the product. Just like throwing up the U is the byproduct. Somebody is making money off it. You know they sell T-shirts on it and stuff.”

“For us the swagger was developed by demonstrated performance and from having a chip on your shoulder and from work ethic and from being the hardest-working team and from being a tough team and from playing with passion. And all of a sudden people said, ‘Miami plays with swagger.’”

“Well, then it only takes a couple years where you have kids that put on the uniform and think you automatically get the swagger because you wear the U. But they don’t want to do the things that made the U special.”

“So we have to get back to that. We have to get back to doing all those little things. We’ve got to get back to having the right people and the right mind-set. What I’m tired of is just everybody thinks that’s the answer. I’m saying that’s the product, not the process. We’ve got to get back to the process.”

“I’m tired of everybody thinking that’s the only problem we have.’’

Before the Hurricanes' spring game, Golden asked former player Michael Irvin to talk with the team. Irvin sent an emotional and clear message to the 'Canes. We imagine that Golden really appreciated Irvin's message to the team. On the other hand, we'll just take a wild guess that Golden won't be listening to the "2011 Miami Hurricanes Rap Song" that hit youtube recently.