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Al Golden sincerely explains the most important thing during camp

Al Golden just wrapped up his last press conference before camp begins for the Hurricanes. Listening to Al Golden, it just seems Golden believes he has the guys, he has the talent, but it’s just a matter of coming together as a team.

Golden said, “For us, we’re going to stay on message, which for us is conditioning and unity. We need for this team to become very strong and very close. This camp is designed to support those two initiatives.”

Asked about the summer heat in Miami, Golden said, “I gotta be honest with you. I love it. The guys in north Philadelphia would say we were on turf in north Philadelphia everyday and it was 116 every day on the turf. I’m kinda happy right now. It’s low 90’s and we get a little Biscayne Bay breeze. We’re doing ok.”

He also reflected back on the purpose of winter conditioning.

“We gave the guys more opportunities in the winter at 6 am to come together as a team. We put them under duress. We made the uncomfortable to become stronger as a team, to become more unified. And when you’re in those situations, you need leaders to come out of it. It was a lot more running than the players here were accustomed too. It was more opportunities to become unified.”

To close, Golden summed up everything.

He stated, “For me, we don’t really talk about our goals. I mean this sincerely. I don’t want to sound cliché, but if our guys develop the mindset that this is going to be a grind and really focus on the process and really put their heads down and forget about all that external stuff. I know it’s Miami, I understand that, but I mean if we just come together as a team and as a staff and we say we’re not worried about the media, about twitter, about all that this and what anybody is saying, where were ranked, where we’re picked, all that stuff…if we can just come together as team and understand and learn and execute the process, then we’re going to have a special year. We’re going to have a great year. But that’s the trick. That’s the challenge and it starts tomorrow at 8:20.”

Miami (FL) opens at Maryland on Labor Day evening.