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Al Golden welcomes summer campers with pep talk

Al Golden’s football camp is underway in Coral Gables.

After staff introductions by senior football operations coordinator Hurlie Brown, Al Golden stepped in with a brief pep talk to the high school campers.

Golden said, “We are going to go. You are on a field of champions, period. These guys are going to hold you to that standard today. You will train like a Cane, today.”

“Bottom line…no walking in between drills today. Listen, be smart, be tough, be discipline, run your ass and work your ass off today. Get everything you can out of the camp cuz I guarantee you that these guys (coaches) will work their asses off for you. You guys understand? Good luck. God Bless. Have a great day. Enjoy it, men.”

Miami will host six separate 1-day camps (May 29, June 5, June 11, June 12, June 18, and June 25).