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Al Golden winning over Miami (FL) fan base

Al Golden is really starting to win over the Miami (FL) fan base. Since accepting the head coaching job, Golden has done very well with the media.

No group seems too small for Golden to spread his message. In fact, this week he met with the university student media.

Golden explained, “I have my alarm clock set at 4:45 am. I’m usually in between 5:15 and 5:30. That’s usually my quiet time to get some things done. I usually write a lot of alumni and sign some autographs and that type of stuff...and plan for the day. When 7 o’clock hits, the whole staff is in. It will then be staff meetings. We’ll finish with 2 and half hours of recruiting to cap the night off.”

“At the end of the day, I want a team that is known as a tough team. I think toughness is a skill. I think you can develop toughness, a mental toughness that we need to improve upon.”

“The second biggest think that I think the players are seeing a different level of player-coach relationship, the fact that our guys are involved in their lives outside of football, which is equally important.”

“If we don’t become a smarter and more disciplined football team, we don’t have a chance.”

“We have a Las Vegas rule. What happens in the facility stays in the facility. There’s definitely going to be more discipline, but I don’t want to specifically go into the rules of the program.”

“Certainly when you take over a place like Miami the brand is so much stronger. There (Temple), we were trying to short the brand and sell the people. Here (at Miami) we had the brand, we just wanted to get our people in front of the prospects and their families.”