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How does the speaker lineup at Alabama and Mississippi State compare to LSU?


Yesterday we published a piece highlighting the lineup at LSU's coaching clinic, and how it may be the best of the off season clinics.

Upon looking around at other comparable lineups, Alabama has put together an impressive list of coaches as well for their clinic in April.

A quick look at their "Clinic of Champions" speakers screams "old school / grown men football" with guys like Joe Gibbs and Gene Stallings headlining the group. Then you've got great defensive mind Dean Pees and former Mississippi State head coach Sylvester Croom, and a Super Bowl Coordinator in Brian Schneider (special teams). 

And then there's up tempo offensive mastermind Art Briles who absolutely breaks the mold and who will draw quite the crowd. See the full schedule here.

The first night in Tuscaloosa (Thursday, April 10) the clinic offers up some beer and brats, a classic pairing for any gathering of coaches (lets be honest, beer+anything really is), followed by a breakout "Chalk Talk" session with Crimson Tide coaches. Friday night, after breakout sessions from the Bama staff and HS coaches and getting to see Saban and the staff in action at practice, and then a crawfish boil is scheduled (a crawfish boil in Tuscaloosa?). LSU also has a crawfish boil scheduled during their coaches clinic, so I'm interested in hearing which rival's was better, although I'm pretty sure that I've already got pretty good idea.

Also worth noting is Mississippi State's lineup, which according to defensive coordinator Jeff Collins includes Ed Orgeron and a case of Red Bull. That alone is worth the price of admission.

The Bulldogs' speaker schedule includes many sessions from Mullen's staff and seems to have a more intimate approach with his guys leading a lot of the sessions. Hardcore MSU fans, and Mississippi high school coaches will absolutely love.

As far as the meals go, while Mississippi State seems to be staying out of the SEC crawfish boil competition (according to the schedule, which just announces the meal locations), and there is no dedicated time for beer drinking, but something tells me that with Coach O in town, coaches in attendance will be well taken care of in both departments.