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Alert your boss about the 2011-12 bowl schedule

The entire 2011-12 bowl schedule was finally released today and once again the BCS National Championship game will be played on January 9, just a meager 37 days after the SEC Championship game.

New Orleans will host the Sugar Bowl on January 3th and then turn around to host the BCS National Championship game on January 9th.

There are no January 1 bowl games this year since the date falls on a Sunday, an obvious NFL day. If the NFL season is canceled, Roger Goodell could ask the Texas High School Athletic Association to play the 5A state championship game on this particular Sunday, so at least everyone gets to see some solid football.

Boy, don’t you know a lot of work is going to get done at your office on Monday, January 2nd. Be sure to make your boss aware this coming Monday that you will not be attending work on that particular day due to contractual obligations to watch the Capital One, Outback, Gator, and Rose Bowls.

You do get the Rose (2nd), Sugar (3rd), Orange (4th), Fiesta (5th), and Cotton Bowl (6th). Of course, all that leads us to the main event, the BCVA Compass Bowl on the 7th. Get your tickets while they last.